Can antibiotics kill viruses?

Impact of inappropriate use of antibiotics

Antibiotics can’t be used as a cure for viral infections like cold or influenza and the fact is that intake of antibiotics might further sicken the person.
What is an antibiotic and how does it work?
Antibiotic discovery is recognized as one of the significant findings of medical history. They are used to cure bacterial infections. Bacteria live in billions in our body, most of them are both harmless and beneficial. Microbiome in the human body helps in digestion of food and even in protection from illness by strengthening the immune system. Few bacteria on the other hand are harmful and cause diseases.
The effect of antibiotics vary depending on the nature of the target bacteria. Few antibiotics may damage the ability of bacteria to multiply and slow down the spread. Few others are able to target and destroy the cell wall of bacteria thereby killing them.

Why doesn’t antibiotics work on viruses?
Unlike bacteria, viruses are structurally different and survive in a different way. They lack cell walls and antibiotics can’t attack them as they are enclosed with a protective protein coat. Viruses enter into human cells, attack the healthy cells of human, reorganise the cell function to comfortably reproduce and live inside. And hence, antibiotics doesn’t work on viruses.
What will improper use of antibiotics lead to?
Unnecessary and improper use of antibiotics help in the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Regular exposure to antibiotics assists bacteria in adapting themselves to the environmental changes and evolve into resistant strains. This poses risk in treating infection caused by destructive bugs as they no longer respond to existing antibiotics. Hence, frequent intake of antibiotics not only make the treatment less effective but also cause side effects like rashes and improper digestion. In short antibiotics doesn’t work when one seriously needs them for a lethal infection.
How can viruses be treated/prevented?
Human immune system takes its time to activate immune response and fight against viruses. Anti-viral medications may reduce the severity of symptoms associated with viral infection to some extent. Otherwise, intake of plenty of water and rest are sufficient for a healthy human to overcome cold or flu. Vaccines are so far effective in preventing the entry of viruses into humans.